It is only when one shares their life with animals, that they can truly understand the depth of emotion they evoke. Their presence touches lives in so many ways. Often pets provide comfort, laughter and a listening ear. They never criticise or question our judgements and their loyalty remains true till their last breath.
At David Wagstaff-Myers Photography we understand this first hand and have refined our Pet Photography skills over the years to ensure our images capture an animal's individual personality and the very essence of who they are. Our extensive experience has taught us that animals are often best captured when photographed within a natural environment, or at least one they are familiar with. As such the majority of Pet Photography sessions are held on location out in woods, the forest or even at the beach!
However, in some circumstances, this is not appropriate, such as when we are working with the very young, very old or those with significant medical needs. In these cases, we have several options including our own dedicate Studio or bringing the Pet Photography session to your home.
Over the years we have gained experience of photographing a wide variety of animals including, Dogs, Cats, Horses, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters and even Bearded Dragons! However, it is our experience of working with many nervous/fearful dogs, that has taken hold. Often owners of these dogs would never consider it possible to have their beloved pet photographed by a professional photographer, so we are immensely proud to say they can!
Our WATCH ME GROW sessions are designed to document your pets changes over their first 12 months of life. They offer the perfect opportunity to capture all the fantastic memories that will soon fade into the past.
And whilst it may be hard to consider, we also have our Rainbow Bridge sessions, specifically catering for those pets that sadly do not have long left with us.
Whether you’ve spent a short time or a lifetime with your pet, saying goodbye is the hardest thing you’ll have to do. That’s why I’m particularly proud to offer my signature Rainbow Bridge.
These special, end-of-life sessions are just for terminally ill or elderly pets. Your best friend can live on in photographs that you can touch and hold, and reminisce over moments of your journey together. Owners who have chosen to invest in a Rainbow Bridge have found that their images become priceless mementoes that not only help them through the grieving process but keep them connected to their pets long after they’re gone.
We never know how much time we’re given. Rainbow Bridge isn’t meant to capture the very last moments with your pet, but rather to celebrate your life together before that time comes. (Some of my Rainbow Bridge clients have lived for a year or more after the photos were taken!) I do my best to fit these in as soon as they’re needed, but if possible, I really recommend planning ahead. With more time, we’re often able to capture your pet while he’s still feeling and looking well, capturing happier memories and images you’ll treasure. And, we can schedule around the weather, helping create your best possible session. Of course, circumstances don’t always allow us the luxury of time, and I’m happy to work with you wherever you are in your journey.
Flexible payments and scheduling. With an ailing pet, I know there can be significant expenses related to their care, so I’m happy to work with you on payment plans, and I archive all images so they’re available whenever you’re ready to make selections. It can be difficult to admit when the end is growing near, but please don’t let fear or superstition prevent you from photographing joyful memories with your best friend. There’s no better time than now!

Over the years, our vast experience has taught us the importance of maintaining a positive, calm environment, especially when working with pets who have significant medical needs.  As such these sessions are carefully planned, in partnership with our clients, to ensure we cater for any medical-related issues, such as incontinence etc, and also incorporate very specific, personal components that are symbolic of the relationship between them and their pet. 
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