Capturing wonderful memories throughout life is so important, for as time moves on and life changes, nothing can take away the joy those memories bring. And photography is a key part of preserving those memories. 
Our Lifestyle & Portrait Photography sessions are perfect for families, groups or individuals who are wanting a relaxed, free flowing, location based photoshoot. Each session brings with it beautiful backdrops, be it the Spring blooms, the stunning Summer sunsets or the frost in Winter.  
Locations can be somewhere very special to you or somewhere you a have always wanted to visit. Alternatively, if you are stuck for ideas, then we have some great locations we can recommend. And because these sessions are so flexible they are great for children too. Capturing children whilst they play creates beautiful images and long lasting memories without putting children under pressure.  
For those who prefer to be indoors, or want a more structured session, we have a number or options, including our Studio.
Lifestyle Photoshoots typically last between one to two hours and can take place at a local forest, park, favourite venue or even at the beach. And of course your pets can be involved too. 
what is lifestyle photography?
Lifestyle is a modern style of photography that combines the best of two distinctly different traditions.  Lifestyle blends the candid nature of photojournalism with the preparedness of studio portraiture. We achieve ‘a day in the life’ look with an editorial quality.
A primary goal of this art of subtlety is to tell a story about people in their environment in a natural, energetic, authentic way. The images may resemble snapshots, but everything from the lighting to location and styling details are deliberately thought out to support a certain mood. There is arranging involved but not over-staging. If something looks too perfect, it does not come off as real.
Another emphasis of lifestyle photography is to capture natural reactions of and interaction between its subjects. After all, that energy is at the heart of what we want to remember about our life, relationships, and events at any given time.
customisation included
Sessions are designed to meet your needs, so the details of each one are personalized.
For example, a session with a family or younger children would likely include many lifestyle images in a setting where their delights can be captured doing what they love to do together.
A senior portrait session should also take place where delights can be captured, but the focus is certainly on beautiful modern portraiture.
personalised portrait sessions
Initially, we discuss your needs that I can fill. This can be for anything that is special to you and deserves really lovely documentation. Your wishes become my plans to create your vision.
It is extremely helpful for both of us to discuss how you would like to ultimately enjoy your artwork. If, for example, you would like to hang a large wall portrait in your family room, the colors and style of that room would be taken into consideration early on. A coffee table album would call for more lifestyle shots.
The session fee is paid, and we reserve your date and time.
We work with you to style the vibe, colours, clothing, location, and any other related details important to realize the developed creative vision.
We also share concrete ways to help you relax in front of the lens and achieve naturally beautiful portraits.
The session day is great, especially because you are feeling confident and happy in your easygoing report with us. You have up to 2 hours of shooting time with us at you’re mutually agreed upon location(s).
Within 2 weeks of your session, an in-person ordering meeting is scheduled to take place in your home to select and fine tune the customized details of your fine art pieces.
During mutually-chosen 2 days prior to the ordering meeting, a secure private online gallery of your best hand-edited images is shared so you can familiarize yourself with your favourite images.
The in-person nature of this meeting is extremely useful to use an amazing software program that permits you to actually arrange (and rearrange!) proportionate wall portraits and galleries in your home. The power of design control this affords you is impossible to overstate. Plus, it’s fun to remove the guess work from decision-making!
Upon your selections, a deposit of half or more is paid.
Depending upon the design requirements of the products you select, they will be ready for personal delivery or pick-up between 2-6 weeks after placing your order.
Finally, you enjoy your artwork and the gorgeous memories of a special time in life…forever happy that you made the investment.
We believe that beauty is a part of each and every one of us. It is not defined by what we wear, but by our ability to connect with it and let it shine.
In modern society, we are surrounded by images of the perceived perfection. These images do not represent the general population and often their negative long-term impact serves to create low self-esteem and unrealistic expectations for both young men and women.  At David Wagstaff-Myers Photography we want to change this.
We need to accept that we are all different and that each of us is still as beautiful as the other. It is only once we have developed the ability to understand this, that we can start to find true self-happiness. As such, we have created the Beauty Unveiled & Boudoir Photography package, especially to enable you to connect with your own beauty and create a lifelong reminder, ensuring you never forget, how special you really are. 
We want you to feel amazing. That is why we have collaborated with professional Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists, who share our vision and will ensure you feel truly pampered and ready to let us capture images that will give you no other option but to fall in love!
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